Railway transportations

We provide transportation of single wagons, block-trains and the goods, that are not only of a mass character. The basis of our railway transportations are international transportations, which are particularly specialized for transportations of chemicals, dangerous goods chemicals, metallurgical, construction, timber, coal, ... and others.

For extraordinary and oversized items transportations we provide specific logistics solutions - we're combining our practices and experiences of proven methods of truck and rail transportations, where we use the logistics and transhipment capacities of East hubs, especially Čierna nad Tisou, where we've our branch office.

We offer:

  • transportations of single wagons in national and international broadcasts
  • block-trains, trains scattering
  • ensuring transhipments in the eastern transhipments hubs
  • modern large-scale covered wagons for palletized and piece goods
  • wagons rental
  • door-to-door transport
  • storage capacities, sorting and packing of the goods
  • consulting services in rail transport
  • shipment insurance

Perspective of business activities

  • Activities of our company seeks to ensure the required quality of logistics and freight services. In the future, we would like to expand the scope in the field, increase the number of satisfied customers, which should be a prerequisite for the increased size of completed transportations.


R-CARGO Praha s.r.o.
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